China launches two satellites to test 5G, 6G technologies

China on Saturday launched two experimental satellites to explore integrated space and ground communication technologies.

The satellites have successfully entered the low-Earth orbit at an altitude of 500 kilometers.

One of them is China Mobile 01 satellite, co-developed by the state-owned telecommunication operator China Mobile and the Chinese satellite internet company UBINEXUS. It is the world's first signal processing satellite equipped with a land-space 5G operating system.

Leveraging the wide coverage of the satellite, the base station it carries can transmit 5G signals to places that cannot be covered by terrestrial networks.

The other test satellite, dubbed Xinghe (Star Core), features a distributed autonomous architecture for 6G which was jointly developed by China Mobile and the Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Compared with high-orbit satellites that operate at an altitude of 36,000 kilometers, they offer the advantages of low latency and high data transfer rates, said China Mobile.

The operator said low-Earth orbit satellites are crucial platforms for future integrated land-space networks. The development of large-scale low-orbit constellation can help make up for signal coverage gaps in the ground mobile networks and extend satellite internet services with higher bandwidth to remote areas, oceans and the aviation sector.

China Mobile said it will carry out in-orbit tests based on the experimental satellites to further accelerate the development of satellite-Earth technologies.


06 Feb 2024

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