Iran vows 'harsher' response should Israel 'make another mistake'

Iran's Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani on Monday warned that his country will make a "harsher and more decisive" response should Israel make another mistake.

He made the remarks at a weekly press conference in the capital, Tehran, while commenting on Iran's recent massive retaliatory military operation against Israel, which was in response to a deadly Israeli strike on April 1 against the Iranian consulate in Syria.

Kanaani said the Israeli attack on Iran's diplomatic premises constituted an aggressive violation of international laws and regulations.

He said Tehran deemed its retaliatory operation concluded and its objectives achieved, but "if Israel makes another mistake, Iran's response will be harsher and more decisive."

Turning to the explosions heard early Friday near the Iranian city of Isfahan in an apparent Israeli strike, Kanaani denounced the attack as "vexatious and malicious," adding that no party has yet claimed responsibility for it.

He said Iran's air defense had carried out its duty and foiled the attack conducted by "a small flying object and micro air vehicle," adding that the perpetrators did not achieve anything.

Commenting on Iran's potential countermeasures in response to the incident, Kanaani said necessary actions had been taken and the incident did not warrant any follow-up.

Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

24 Apr 2024

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